The volunteers of the “Friends Group” are heavily involved in all the projects that are undertaken in the park. The projects must be in line with the participatory appraisal and for the benefit of the park and its stakeholders

We regularly engage with the leisure department with regards to maintenance issues, litter and social problems within the park and encourage participation with regular work parties.

In conjunction with the NLC we provide the opportunity for play days and events to take place in the park, such as pop in to play, Easter egg hunts, Santa Christmas visit, bulb planting (one project had local school children planted over 1000 bluebells near to the cenotaph), visits from a park ranger which includes activities where the children can construct items such as bird and bat boxes. We also engage with a variety of local groups to ensure that the park encompasses all sections of the public.

The police have been very supportive of our group; we have regular monthly meetings to ensure that the policy of zero tolerance of drinking and anti social behaviour is enforced.

We discuss all projects with the Community Safety and Architectural Liaison Officers. The group have over the years, completed a number of porjects.