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Welcome to the Website of The Friends of Centenary and West End Parks.

Here you will find information on Centenary and West End Parks in Airdrie, as well as the projects we have completed with our stakeholders and partner

About the Friends Group.

Find out more about us and what we do. You can also see some of our completed projects. We will publish news updates as we progress with new projects.


Update - Tuesday 13th September 


TUESDAY 13th September at 7pm There will be a gathering at the cenotaph Airdrie, to allow the people of Airdrie to show their respects at the passing of Queen Elizabeth 11 . Please feel free to come along and share with others.


Update - April 2022 

People who visit the parks regular may have noticed a few elderly gentlemen beavering away trying to bring the parks back to their former glory.


We have undertaken this work because the council have now removed the last member of staff from the park, this plus the terrible pandemic have resulted in a lack of maintenance.

Happily, the council have done some winter maintenance this year, hopefully this will continue through the summer.

We started last year on a small scale with three volunteers, I am glad to say that this has now risen to six (five gardening and one painting)


Our latest project has been to remove much of the overgrowth in the four seasons garden, during the work we uncovered two stone columns which had been “lost” for some time. These areas have been planted with seasonal plants.

Last year’s work included weeding the original herbaceous borders, and the rose beds in West End Park we also cleaned out the area around the horse (Flora) and the shrubbery around the Cenotaph and were please to assist a local family to place a memorial seat in the area. Finally, we completed work in the Victoria cross memorial garden


The group would like to thank the following for their help with funding during the year

1) Paterson’s Of Greenoakhill Ltd for their assistance through the land trust grant This allowed us to clean up the wildlife pond and purchase summer bedding for Centenary Park

2) NLC Environmental fund. This allowed us to purchase a variety of tools

3) Coatbridge, Airdrie & Monklands Rotary

4) Action earth Voluntary matters

5) NLC Community Fund which went towards running the organisation


It is very pleasing to think that people have such an interest in the park.

We would like to thank the many people who have commented favorably on the work, we would also like to thank the people who have given donations to assist us with providing plants, we have asked NLC for assistance in purchasing plants and providing top soil however as yet this has not been forthcoming

There is still a lot to do and we are always on the lookout for volunteers, so if you are available on a Wednesday morning 10am till 1pm come along and join the ”Fun”