Project Timeline

A Timeline of the Developments in Centenary and West End Parks

2015 - Provost Lamp
The provost lamp was situated outside the home of Provost John Donnelly in Airdrie. It was gifted to the park as an addition to the historic trail. The lamp was restored by Summerlie Heritage Centre, Coatbridge and “Friends group” members.
2014 - Wildlife Pond
The project is a joint collaboration between the “Friends Group”, Restorative justice and Environmental key fund. The pond will be 26m x 8 m it will be crossed by a bespoke wooden bridge, new pathways will connect to existing walkways
2014 - The Horse (Flora & Fauna)
The “Friends group” in association with Coatbridge, Airdrie & Monklands Rotary and North Lanarkshire Cuncil raised sufficient funds to purchase a horse from the original display in Hamilton.
The Horse (Flora & Fauna)
2014 - School Plaque
Recent addition to our heritage trail is a plaque, which was rescued from the original Airdrie Academy building that was demolished in 2014
2013 - Welcome to Airdrie Sign
The original design that occupied this position was picked out in decorative summer bedding. The present sign is made from grey and black granite. The sign is lit in the evenings using a spot projector.
Welcome to Airdrie
2012 -Gateway Entrance Feature
This feature situated at the entrance to the park from Coatbridge is an attractive welcome . The decorative stone has been donated by Reigart Ltd and the preparation and construction of the stonework is being undertaken by North Lanarkshire Council.
2012 - The Cenotaph
This area received a major upgrade in 2012. We have had the cenotaph cleaned and paving surfaces renewed. The lighting columns have been renewed, a new path laid and floodlighting of the trees and Cenotaph has take place.
The Cenotaph
2012 - Jubilee Tree
The group have marked the Diamond jubilee of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II by planting a Araucaria araucana tree. The tree was in a 130lt. pot and cost £500.00
Jubilee Tree
2012 - Boundary Fence
The park is bounded by Centenary Avenue, which is a particularly busy roadway. It was felt appropriate to provide a degree of protection to park users by providing a suitable fence. The fence design was chosen for ease of maintenance.
2011 - Sensory Garden & Toddlers' Play Area
This is the major achievement of 2011. We are committed to “inclusion for all” The area includes a themed garden for our disabled and more mature partners.Funding of £90,000 has transformed this area.
Sensory Garden & Toddlers' Play Area
2011 - Garden Upgrades
We have removed the old roses and have extended and renewed the existing areas. A large variety of plants have been introduced to improve this part of the park.
2011 - Garden Upgrades
2010 - Play Area
This area has made a marked difference to the park. We have seen a large increase in visitor numbers to this area. The equipment was chosen after extensive consultation with park users, and children’s play organisers
Play Area
2010 - Four Seasons Garden
The idea behind this creation was to provide an area where people could come and take photographs to mark special occasions all year round
Four Seasons Garden
2009 - Viaduct Projection Lighting
The project was funded by Peoples Millions (Big Lottery) and the Environmental Key Fund. The group entered the competition run by STV.
Viaduct Projection Lighting
2009 - Heritage Trail
Throughout the park are 12 information panels, which tell the history of Airdrie.
Heritage Trail
2008 - Centennials (Public Artwork)
The group ran a competition for young local artists to design a gateway feature for the new pathway entrance to the park. We are very proud of the winning entry, a remarkable piece of public artwork designed by Lara Greene.
Centennials (Public Artwork)
2008 - Centenary Memorial Flower Bed
The Plaque, flowerbed and the upgrade of the flagpole were created in 2008 to commemorate the centenary of the opening of the park in 1908.
Centenary Memorial Flower Bed
2008 - Boulevard of Lights
We are promoting a winter light trail so that more use can be made of the park during winter months. Part of this is our magnificent Boulevard Of Lights, which can be seen from October till Easter. Over 42,000 led lights cover the avenue of 28 trees.
Boulevard of Lights
2007 - The Robert Hamilton Memorial Fountain
This was the first project undertaken by the group, thanks to a grant of £50,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The fountain had been removed in the early 70’s and deemed as beyond repair. We were glad to be able to restore this piece of Airdrie history.
Robert Hamilton Memorial Fountain
2004 - Formation of the Group
The group was formed in January 2004. The aim is to work with the local authority and local community to improve and reinvigorate the environment and infrastructure within the park.
The Committee, pictured in 2016